Grant FAQs

Who can submit proposals?

The Foundation only accepts requests from those who directly serve the NSCSD public school students.

What kind of materials can I ask for?

Teachers can propose any resource that is essential to a student-centered experience.

Is there a dollar limit on my request?

To allow the Foundation flexibility in how it allocates its funds we have never limited the size of a request. However due to the funds available and the number of excellent requests received each year we would suggest that grant requests be $1,500 or less. Generally funded requests are in the $500 to $1,200 range.

How can I write a good proposal if I’m not experienced at grant writing?

Our online application presents an easy-to-complete process. While an applicant needs to fully describe a prospective project, experience with grant writing is completely unnecessary.

What is the most common fault found in teachers’ proposals?

Occasionally, a teacher will center the proposal body on the materials needed rather than the student activity to take place. For example, a teacher proposing to get a new classroom computer should not focus on the fact that the present one is in disrepair. That proposal should focus first on the student activity that a new computer would make possible. The resources have no worth of themselves-it’s how students will use them.

How does the Foundation handle my request after I’ve submitted it?

Following receipt of all requests the Foundation dedicates one meeting to review all submittals. Prior to that meeting all trustees review each ot the grants. The grants do not have a name or school associated with them when they are reviewed. The trustees use a rubric to grade each of the grants and the grade is what is used to rank the grants and begin the discussion process of each grant.

How does the Foundation notify me on the outcome of my request?

You will receive a letter in the mail. Successful requests are formally acknowledged at a Board of Education meeting in either March or April.

How many requests may I sumbit in a year?

There are no restrictions on the number of proposals submitted.